Asian Idol

A singing Competition, winners of different idols competition from 6 countries compete against each other. Who will be the First Asian Idol.

Hady Mirza - First Asian Idol Winner

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Asian Idol Announcement
Hady Mirza is the first Asian Idol winner!

Official Result Asian Idol

  1. Hady Mirza (Singapore) 28%
  2. Jaclyn Victor (Malaysia) 27%
  3. Abhijeet Sawant(India) 15%
  4. Mau Marcelo (Philippine) 12%
  5. Phuong Vy (Vietnam) 11%
  6. Mike Mohede (Indonesia) 7%

Who's the First?

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Mike To Asian Idol
image Integrity Convention Center was crowded with many supporters of Delon, Mike, Rini, and Ihsan. Each of them busy with attributes to let their Idols know how much they are loved. When asked, why Mike should win, Polly, his aunt and leader of the supporters answered, Mike has unique voice and ready to compete internationally. We used to be busy with SMS to vote for him, but this time were just going to let the people decide. Im sure audience know well enough who deserves to win. Christine, a Deloners, said that Delon should win. Hes handsome and has a nice voice, kind, and always consider his fans as friends. Same thing goes with Rini and Ihsans supporters.

While the fans yell for their Idols outside, behind the stage, the four of them is stressed out and nervous beyond means since the morning they arrived at the venue. Yesterday I was not nervous at all. But today is different. Im more nervous. Probably because its more challenging, Rini explained. Delon, on the other side, said I dont feel nervous. I will perform like in any other show.

Ihsan said, I havent been judged for a long time. I hope I can do good, while Mike decided to leave his fate to God. I have trained, and trying, so now I will leave the rest to God.

Fifteen minutes before the show started, backstage is getting busier. Ucie Nurul started to pray with the four winners of Indonesian Idol, to ask God so they can perform best.

After Daniel and Ata open the show, the four Idols sang Di Penghujung Muda (Samsons), Breakthrough (Nidji), Zamrud Khatulistiwa (Chrisye) as the opening medley. First appearance was Delon with the song Broken Vow by Josh Groban. Indra Lesmana said that tonight he looked more mature and much better than he used to be. Second act was Mike with the song Sempurna from Andra & the Backbone. Jamie said, Like the title, you are perfect. Ihsan then sang Angel from Robbie Williams. Anang commented that, You sang a song that matched your character. Last act for the first round was Rini who that night sang Andai Aku Bisa. Indra Lesmana said, You are the youngest but your voice is the most powerful.

image On second round, Mike got the most praise from judges when he sang I Believe I Can Fly. Indra Lesmana said that Mike is the one that deserves to represent Indonesia in Asian Idol. Delon chose Mistikus Cinta from Dewa and didnt perform the song very well. Anang gave an advice for him not to be overly confident.

Ihsans overall performance was graded stable by all three judges, but that alone was not enough to go through to Asian Idol. Rini looked charming and energetic with the song Crazy In Love by Beyonce.

At press conference after the show ended, Indra Lesmana highlighted, Ive watched all Asian Idol finalists sang, except Vietnam. Ive seen Mike sang on Jazz festival, and even Chaka Khan and Dave Koz wanted to know, who was performing. This shows that Mike was able to represent Indonesia in Asian Idol.

Above all, that was just predictions. To decide who deserves to go to Asian Idol, watch Pilihan Indonesia Result Show that will be aired live on RCTI from Integrity Convention Center, Mega Glodok Kemayoran. The show started on 9PM on December 1, 2007.

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Terms & Conditions of Asian Idol

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Vote for your idol, Asia!

If you wish to have your favorite idol as the winner of Asian Idol competition, please prepare to vote from now. You now can choose 2 of your most favorite idols in one vote, but avoid choosing the same country twice, because that vote would not be valid. Why? Because we have to normalize votes due to population count differences in participating countries. You can vote any two countries soon after the voting lines are opened during the Asian Idol performance show. So stay on your local channel and keep visiting this website for more info because every vote is precious for your idol.

Terms & Conditions

  • Tune in to the main Performance show.
  • Wait for the Host's cue to call, normally indicated by a saying, "The lines are open now".
  • Follow the voting instructions given by the Host.
  • Choose your two favorite Idols and vote for them both via phone or SMS.
  • The voting process will continue until announced otherwise, normally indicated by a saying, "The lines are now closed".

Do remember not to vote before the phone lines are officially declared open, and there will be no voting during the Result show.

Asian Idol : Voting Information

Voting Terms and Conditions

To vote for your favourite Asian Idol contestants, all you have to do is tune in to the main Performance show and follow the voting instructions given by the Host.

Remember to make an official Asian Idol vote, you need to choose your two favourite Idols and vote for them both.
Vote for your favourite Asian Idol contestants via phone and / or sms. Each call /sms costs local prevailing premium rates. For those under 18, please seek parental consent before participating.

Do not start voting until the phone lines are officially declared open. Tune in to the show and wait for the Host"s cue to call, normally indicated by them saying "the lines are open now".
Please see schedule for your local telecast times.

Asian Idol Telephony & Mobile Services - Terms and Conditions

Asian Idol : SMS Voting

Telephony & Mobile

  1. For the purpose of these terms and conditions, "Broadcast Partner" means [Local Broadcaster] of [Broadcaster's address]. "Broadcast Partner" is the promoter of a number of Asian Idol telephony & mobile related services as detailed below including the SMS voting.
  2. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the Vote Service Provider or 'VSP' is represented by two agencies "i-POP" the vote counting agent & the local aggregator "billing agent" referring to i-POP Networks Pte Ltd, of 101&2B Amoy St, Singapore and local aggregator respectively; "Operator" refers to the mobile operators.
  3. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions "You", or "Your" refers to you, the customer and user of the services referred to herein ("Services"). By using the Services You are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions (as may be amended or supplemented from time to time).
  4. Please note that in Singapore pre-paid SIM card users are not able to utilise these Services, you may wish to check with your chosen Operator for further information on how you can participate in future Asian Idol shows.
  5. It is an Operator stipulation that officially "blacklisted" subscriber numbers as submitted by the Operators to the Vote Service Provider are unable to participate in the telephony and mobile services for Asian Idol.

Asian Idol SMS Voting

  1. You can cast a vote from your mobile phone by SMSing the contestant's appointed voteword to your country's short code number. You can only send in your SMS votes during the voting period announced during "Asian Idol". Any SMS votes received before or after the specified voting period for each episode will be disqualified and will not be counted towards the final result for that episode. Please note that voting periods may vary by country and time zone.
  2. Any votes submitted outside the voting periods, as defined by points 1-5 above, may still be charged but not counted.
  3. Operator network users will be charged prevailing premium rates per SMS (local taxes may apply). Some network users may also be charged a standard rate per outgoing SMS � therefore the total cost of voting is dependant on Your network.
  4. In certain circumstances due to volume, application throttling and Operator network capacity management, SMS votes sent during the voting period may arrive outside of the voting period, this is beyond the control of the Broadcaster and Vote Service Provider. Such SMS votes will unfortunately also need to be disqualified.
  5. VSP adheres strictly to Operator customer care policy on repudiation and reconciliation for their subscribers activities; any claims for fraud, misuse or technical error must be categorically proven before charges can be disputed.
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, you will not be entitled to any refund for any disqualified SMS votes, or for any SMS votes which arrive outside of the specified voting period due to volume and Operator network capacity management and other circumstances beyond the control of "Broadcaster" and VSP. "Broadcaster" and VSP shall not be liable for any losses or damages incurred by You in this connection.

General Terms

  1. The Services are available to all Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Vietnam residents - subject to the standard terms and conditions set out herein.
  2. Charges for all the Services will be deducted from you Pre-paid SIM card, top up card or added to Your monthly mobile phone bill or home phone bill. If You are a minor (i.e. below 18 years old), You MUST obtain permission from your parent/guardian and the person who pays for your mobile phone service before purchasing any of the Services.
  3. Services herein mentioned are available to Operators customers.
  4. You acknowledge and agree that the Services may, from time to time, be adversely affected by events outside "Broadcasters" and VSP's control. "Broadcaster" and "VSP" will make all reasonable endeavours to ensure the uninterrupted and timely supply of the Services and will take all reasonable steps to correct any error, omission or mistake, but will have no liability whatsoever for any error in, or delay in, or failure in transmission of the Services howsoever caused (whether through the negligence of "Broadcaster" and/or VSP or otherwise) or any loss, damage, costs or expenses incurred by You directly or indirectly in connection with Your use of the Services.
  5. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, "Broadcaster" and "VSP" will not be liable to You in any way for failures or delays in the delivery or provision of the Services which are caused by any restrictions imposed by Operators on Your use of premium services.
  6. You agree that Your personal data supplied when making an order for the Service may be used by "Broadcaster". FremantleMedia or "VSP" to monitor the use of the Services, and for any future promotions/campaigns of "Broadcaster" and/or "VSP" (whether in connection with "Asian Idol" or otherwise). "Broadcaster" & "VSP" reserves the right to disclose information about You to applicable regulatory or government bodies where "Broadcaster" is required by law to disclose this information.
  7. From time to time "Broadcaster" & "VSP" may be required to amend and/or supplement these terms and conditions and reserves such right. By continuing to use the Services you will be deemed to have accepted the amended and/or supplemented terms and conditions, which will be posted on this website. "Broadcaster" & "VSP" reserve the right, without any liability on their part whatsoever, to cancel, modify or supersede any of the Services at any time for any reason whatsoever.
  8. If "Broadcaster" or "VSP" believes that there has been a breach of these terms and conditions they reserve the right to immediately and without notice withdraw or bar You from using any or all of the Services. This may be enforced should conditional breaches occur; such as known power voting or auto-dialling practices. "FremantleMedia, "Broadcaster and "VSP" reserve the right to remove such votes deemed prejudicial to a fair count.
  9. Any decisions made by "Broadcaster and/or "VSP" in relation to the use of the Services and these terms and conditions shall be final and no correspondence or enquiries will be entertained.
  10. These terms and conditions are governed by Singapore law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.

About i-POP Networks

  • i-POP Networks focuses on "making the media mobile" by extending comprehensive and compelling mobile strategies to clients and business partners, thereby delivering a unique user experience that leads to significant and sustained revenue generation.
  • i-POP offers a PSMS (Premium Short Message Sending) and network IP platform that enables a wide range of premium billing, messaging management, and content distribution to take place. PSMS has an inter-operable Asian GSM footprint covering more than 63 Operators.
  • i-POP also specialises in creating structured licensing deals for program formats to deliver turn-key solutions for mobile integrated television, enabling program owners and broadcasters to capitalise on their on-air assets through a seamless mobile platform that will leverage on their branding, stretch their marketing dollars and optimise content delivery. i-POP's existing synergistic partnerships with global telecommunication operators offer connectivity that spans Asia, Europe and the US.

Asian Idol Official Website - Who's the First?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Has this show been done before?

A : No this is the first ever Asian Idol. There was a World Idol back in 2003 but it has not been repeated.

Q : Why do it?

A : This would be the first large scale, multi-country talent type show for Asia. Internationally, whilst Europe has its Eurovision Song Contest which enables 25 countries to vote on their favourite song and performers from across Europe, Asia has not yet run a large scale, multi country talent type show. Asian Idol is a contest that raises the profile of the Idols involved and the countries that support them. To compete on behalf of your country to become Asian Idol increases the national interest on the outcome. Viewers and contestants in every Idol country have always asked how to take the Idol format to the next stage.

Q : Is Asian Idol the same format as regular Idol?

A : The creative format of the show is similar, with 5 participants contesting against each other on December 15 in Indonesia to determine the winner, on the basis of votes received. However, some elements had to be adjusted given that Asian Idols is a regional vote-based show, and vote bases are different according to the population of participating countries. Hence, a special 'two choices' algorithm has been devised to enable combination voting to produce the ultimate winner in a fair and equal manner using a system based on tried and tested vote system called proportional representation or PR.

Q : So how is it fair when all the countries have vastly different population sizes?

A : A: Population size is removed as a determining factor by making the total vote generated a percentage -- and not a figure that just adds up individual votes. Any one country can only deliver a vote count valued at 100% -- whether it has 4 million people or 1 billion people.

Q : Why do voters have to vote for 2 contestants?

A : This algorithm has been put in place to take into account any potential national bias, emanating from viewers who only wish to vote for their home Idol. Hence, to be fair to all contestants, 2 choices must be made.

Q : What happens if people only vote for one Idol?

A : This would not be a valid vote. To make it absolutely fair, viewers must always vote for two Idols. The end result then factors the National and International votes to derive the ultimate winner overall.

Q : Why aren't the votes given different weighting or preferences instead?

A : The Equal and Even Cumulative voting method has been found to work on numerous levels of fairness, whilst being the easiest ballot format for mass voting.

Q : So will there be two winners?

A : Each Idol that has made it to this contest is a winner! However, there can only be one Asian Idol. The final result will poll the two best choices and divide the votes by country in an even manner. A draw is a statistical possibly but highly unlikely.

Q : Why do vote prices differ per country?

A : Vote prices are determined by past local Idols vote charges and by prevailing market rates, which differ from country to country.

Asian Idol Official Website - Who's the First?

How to Vote for your Idol

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You have to vote for 2 Idols in each SMS, but it can't be for the same Idol twice in the same vote.
Note that in Philippines, voters need to type "VOTE" in SMS.

  • India:
    SMS "Voteword 1 <Space> Voteword 2" to 52525
    For example: Type "INDIA INDO" and send it to 52525
  • Indonesia:
    SMS " Voteword 1 <Space> Voteword 2" to 9288
    For example: Type "INDO MAL" and send it to 9288
  • Malaysia:
    SMS "Voteword 1 <Space> Voteword 2" to 33776
    For example: Type "MAL PHIL" and send it to 33776
  • Philippines:
    SMS " Vote Voteword 1 <Space> Voteword 2" to 2959
    For example: Type "Vote PHIL SIN" and send it to 2959
  • Singapore:
    SMS "Voteword 1 <Space> Voteword 2" to 43657
    For example: Type "SIN VIET" and send it to 43657
  • Vietnam:
    SMS "Voteword 1 <Space> Voteword 2" to 4365
    For example: Type "VIET INDIA" and send it to 4365

Send the SMS Votes to :

  • India: 52525
  • Indonesia: 9288
  • Malaysia: 33776
  • Philippines: 2959
  • Singapore: 43657
  • Vietnam: 4365

Voting Start Time
The voting lines will be opened in all countries, except Vietnam and India, from the beginning of the Performance Show on December 15, 2007 and close near the end of the Result Show on December 16 (see Schedule part for more details), so that the total voting period is 25.5 hours per country.

Vietnam, who plans to air the Performance Show on December 14, at 8.30 PM, will stop the voting temporarily 24 hours later on December 15 (all Vietnam time). Voting will continue at the beginning of the airing of Result Show on December 16, 9 PM.

In India, the voting lines wil open at the start of the Performance Show on December 15 at 7 PM, and stop 25.5 hours later on December 16, 8.30 PM local time, because there will be no live voting during the airing of Asian Idol Result Show in India.

Total voting period per country is approximately 25.5 hours
SMS Costs

  • India: 3 Rupees
  • Indonesia: 2000 Rupiah
  • Malaysia:0.50 Ringgit
  • Philippines: 2.50 Peso for GLOBE and SMART 2 Peso for SUN Cellular
  • Singapore: $0.60
  • Vietnam: 3000 Dong


Asian Idol Official Website - Who's the First?

Initial Telecast

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Initial telecast is set on December 15 to 16, 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Indonesia's largest TV station, RCTI (which also hosts Indonesian Idol), will be the main TV station with the competition being broadcast live in the participating countries.

It will be hosted by Amelia Natasha and Daniel Mananta, both from Indonesian Idol.

The Performance Night of Asian Idol was taped last December 12 in Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta. This is to settle time zone differences as well as telecast dates. For instance, viewers in Vietnam will get to watch the show a day ahead.

The Idols are up against each others, now they are competing not for themselves but for their country and fans back home. Pressure is high as some idols sung in their own language, risking the thought that not everyone can understand or ever heard their song.

Two idols are said to be suffering from colds, Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor and Philippine Idol Mau Marcelo. Their was suppose to be a seventh idol from Kazakhstan, unfortunately they failed to send their representative. So they are down to six idols, Although one may wonder why there are only six idols, are there no idols for China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the other countries in Asia? Hopefully we'll see them on the next Asian Idol.

Participating TV networks

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imageSony TV - India

Sony Entertainment Television (India), popularly known as Sony TV or SET, is one of India’s popular Hindi-language based general entertainment broadcasters. Based in Mumbai, it is a venture promoted by Sony Pictures Entertainment since 1995. SET's family of channels in India includes SAB, SET Max, PIX, AXN and Animax, distributed by SET Discovery (a distribution joint venture between SET and Discovery Communications India). The international feed of Sony Entertainment Television, branded Sony Entertainment Television Asia, is popular among viewers outside of India.

image RCTI - Indonesia

(Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia) is Indonesia's first privately owned television network based in West Jakarta. RCTI first went on-air in August 1989 as a local station and had a nationwide license one year later. Owned by PT Global Mediacom and managed by PT Media Nusantara Citra or MNC as its holding company, the station has about 50 transmission sites across the country. MNC also oversees two other television stations, namely TPI and Global TV, and also Radio Trijaya and Radio ARH as well as the Seputar Indonesia newspaper.

image 8TV - Malaysia

8TV is a private Malaysian television station previously known as Metrovision. Metrovision had ceased transmission in 1999, but resumed broadcasting on January 8, 2004 as 8TV after being bought by Media Prima Berhad.

image ABC - Philippine

The Associated Broadcasting Company, commonly abbreviated to ABC, is a Philippine television network, with main broadcast facilities in Metro Manila. It is the third-oldest television network in the country, and it is currently owned by businessman Antonio "Tony Boy" Cojuangco.

image MediaCorpTV's Channel 5 - Singapore

is a 24-hour, English-language television channel based in Singapore. Programmes on Channel 5 normally include English dramas, variety shows, news, current affairs, game programmes, and general adaption of overseas productions, such as Singapore Idol and Who Wants to be a Millionaire?. Other programmes based on foreign ones include Deal Or No Deal and a local version of America's Funniest Home Videos which is set to air in the first quarter of 2008.

image HTV9 -Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV) is the official televised channel of Ho Chi Minh City. HTV broadcasts in two channels: entertainment & advertisement service and gameshow on HTV7, and information, propaganda-trend, official and analog-digital on HTV9. HTV also has several specific cable and digital television channels. HTV is an administrative unit (not a company) under the administration of the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee. All news and releases must go through censorship of the Ho Chi Minh City Service of Culture and Communication. HTV is the largest local television broadcaster in Vietnam and third to VTV and VTC.